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In 2021 the Internet celebrates its 52nd birthday. Over its not-so-long history, this human invention came a long way from the military intelligence network to the vast and universal tool, capable of exchanging massive amounts of information in a blink of an eye. And now it can force its own rules upon the world, overwhelming the individuals or even whole countries with its enormous collective consciousness.  

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BestWebSoft just turned 11! It is over a decade of constant hard work. The goal is to help people all over the world in making websites of their own and becoming a part of the great web. Since our foundation 11 years ago we have completed over 2,300 projects and made the world a little better for more than 400,000 customers! We hope to continue our work for decades ahead in making the web a better place. 

And we thank you for your continued support.  

To celebrate 11 years of being a part of the WordPress community we are running a limited-time sale. Get a 30% discount on Annual Membership! The campaign starts on August 25th and lasts till September 5th. So, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy our products, this is it. Don`t lose your chance!

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Online Communities Help to Grow a Business

The community at its basis has people who share common goals, interests, or attitudes. And online communities are no different from their real-life counterparts. They serve the same purpose. They induce a sense of belonging and help people to make connections.

So, how can an experienced marketer capitalize on it? Building an internet community around something you are good at, you are passionate about, for instance, your product or the service you provide, allows you to communicate with your clients in a more efficient way.

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reCaptcha v2 vs reCaptcha v3 What to Choose

The Internet is a dangerous place. Hordes of soulless digital bots are lurking among the Web. And their prey is weak websites. Throwing a newborn, defenseless site to the net is like walking amongst the pandemic while having zero immunity. 

Captchas are tools that provide bare minimum protection, necessary for the site to survive. Without it, the site will be quickly overwhelmed with infectious malware, DDoS(denial-of-service) attacks, different forms of fraud, and data hijacks.

reCaptcha provides means to distinguish between humans and bots trying to gain access to the site. Among its long history, there were quite a few variations of Captcha. But nowadays the most popular systems are reCaptcha V2 and reCaptcha V3.

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Consequences of a Lot of Plugins Installed on the Website

Plugins are an essential part of any WordPress project. WordPress itself was built upon the idea of “everyone can create the website they want, even if they never coded before”. And plugins are tools to help you out and make you feel less miserable while you take this endeavor upon yourself.

However, there are tons of them. The alone is reaching the mark of 60 000 plugins and several billion installations. Every one of them brings some sort of functionality to your website.  And you can’t have them all, right?

So, the question is “how do I figure out the optimal number of plugins installed?”. Let’s find it out!

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learning the multilanguage plugin

Website translation for search engines has become a necessity today. Since most of the traffic comes from search engines, the answer to why a multilingual website is so important to your site is so obvious. Don’t you think that a multilingual website can do miracles?

It is always good to communicate with users in their own language. This possibly can bring you more traffic. To do this, you need a multilingual website. This will help you perform better in search engines targeting a specific country and market. A successful multilingual website can bring you many great results. Therefore, it will be beneficial to get an affordable website translator for your organization.

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Overview of Subscriber Plugins

Technology does not stand still and more and more processes are moving to the remote control. For example, newspapers switched to online magazines, and a lot of online stores were opened where you can buy anything. Slowly, everything goes online and for any online business, the customer base is important. Nowadays it is very important to have the data of your client, this gives a huge advantage in the business. You will immediately be able to further promote your product, website, and so on. This will give you the opportunity to constantly remind the client about yourself by sending him messages about some kind of update or discounts. Subscriber plugins can help you with it.

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